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Digital Infamy was founded by myself Andrew Allison. I'm a web developer with over 15 years of experience working with software teams of varying sizes. The goal of Digital Infamy is to provide developer resourcing to teams who need it whilst not costing the earth and not talking total Jargon.

As someone who has a passion for technology and thirst to learn I tend to be up-to-date with modern technologies. I have spent a lot of time over the years working with junior developers and helping them learn and grow. I also know there is a significant shortage in talented developers at the minute, I also get a thrill out of sharing knowledge and coaching others. So I joined all these Passions together and formed Digital Infamy

The goal with Digital Infamy is for us to provide support to teams that either haven't have the time or the capabilities to learn, train and ultimately implement new technologies. We provide these services to companies who often can't afford expensive training courses or don't have the capacity to allow developers to be out of the business.


As a technologist who was worked across a wide range of technologies there are a lot of technical challenges businesses face that I could help with.

Developer for Hire

Need some additional resource but don't want to be tied down to 6-12 month contracts. I currently have the capacity to provide ad-hoc working hours to back fill on struggling projects

With a vast range of skills and an ability to fit in quickly with existing teams. I can often get up to speed and seamlessly and make it feel like I've always been part of the team.

Mentoring Services

I have an abundance of patients and have guided many developers on their careers. I can come in and help mentor junior developers and also more senior developers who need a hand picking up some of the modern tech-stack. This can be done in a very focus topic based way or via a work-based project to gain optimum value for money.

Consultancy & Advice

With over a decades experience of working with companies from Start-Ups to SME's and even a few medium sized corporations. I can offer advice and consultancy services on all aspects of development including Digital Transformations, Requirements Gathering, Process Mapping and Creation. Task Automation, Platform Selection and Agile Project Management. If you are looking for someone to come in and just be a second pair of eyes or give some independent advice I'm more than capable of that. Use the Contact Form and we can have a Chat.


Some of the languages I work with






Some of the frameworks I'm familiar with.





Other Tech

A few hip logos to give you even more idea about what kind of tech we work with.



CI/CD DevOps


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